The Bondage Certification Program was lovingly created to help give the very best learning experience while promoting creative and healthy sexual and spiritual expression.

Aren't you tired of going to class after class just to realize you've forgotten what the lecture was by the time you get home? Since you are going to invest in learning, don't you want to be assured that you can take the knowledge with you? If you could go to a series of classes that successfully integrated instruction from the previous class while testing to ensure retention, wouldn't you spend your time and money on those intensive classes?

There are a lot of different bondage books out there and there are a lot of different people teaching a lot of different types of bondage in a lot of different classes. But now you can learn not only all the basics of rope bondage in one course; you can also learn the structure of rope bondage. This way as you continue to learn new techniques from other sources you can best know how to apply them to a given situation. Smart, sexy, and intensive; the Bondage Certification program will help you learn and retain the best of bondage while building creativity and confidence.

This certification program differs from most workshops and classes in that it uses a combination of Interactive Teaching, Hands-on Practice, and Testing. This combination helps you to learn and retain information better than any other method.

The testing procedure at the end of each course is a challenging written and demonstration test designed to ensure you have understood and can perform the techniques covered during the course. The classes are designed to help you pass this test and learn with confidence.

It is the mission of the Bondage Certification Program to teach safe, effective, aesthetically pleasing bondage that is both erotic and functional to every bondage lover who wishes to gain an in-depth knowledge of the art and structure of rope bondage.

Once you achieve your certifications you will have the knowledge and confidence you need to be the best bondage rigger you can be...and your play partners will know it!

The Bondage Certification was created by professional bondage artist, Ms Nikki Nefarious, in the effort to create a coherent, methodical, and intensive curriculum designed to be easy to learn and retain. She personally teaches the entire course to ensure you learn the best of bondage. Ms Nikki Nefarious's classes are hands-on, not lecture style, and every student gets personal one-on-one time with the instructor.           

Her work can be seen all over the net, in publications around the world, and even in a chart-topping music video by a Grammy-winning musician. More than a fetishist, more than an enthusiast, she devotes her life and livelihood to rope bondage art. Her classes are highly sought after and Ms Nikki Nefarious is fast becoming one of the top professional rope bondage artists and educators in the nation.                                      

Join an elite class of bondage artists, enthusiasts, and professionals alike.