In order to apply for certification please fill out all applicable fields in the form below.

Your information will remain confidential & will not be shared with anyone.  You will get email updates with course information.       

Please feel free to use the Additional Information section below to list any special scheduling requests, such as:

Out of town requests, group or production information, or custom course specifications.

     Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed for acceptance. If you have been approved, you will be contacted via email with more information on the course. Before applying for certification please review the Class Options that are offered and familiarize yourself with the Certification descriptions above.

     If you apply while classes are already in progress, you may begin to earn credits at the next class once you have been accepted. You do not have to take any of the Apprentice Certification Classes in order, and you will be given opportunities to make up any classes that you missed before you were accepted.

     Apprentice Certification Testing will be help various times throughout the year and make-up classes will be repeated as necessary.  This will help Certification Student Members take the Bondage Certification at their own pace, but it is advised that classes be taken in order whenever possible.

     Once you have moved on to Journeyman Certification you will already be in the system and your application is simply as a way to keep track of returning Certification Student Members; as long as you have received your Apprentice Certification you are accepted into the Journeyman course.

Accepted Certification Students, at each class, must bring a guest or "bottom" to tie up along with safety scissors and ropes (at least 2 lengths of 10-20ft and 2 lengths of 30-40ft rope). Supplies will be for sale during the classes for those who need it. Note that some exclusive classes actually include free admission for your bottom.