Apprentice Bondage Certification

To complete this course, you must
apply for the certification.  Once you are accepted you must take all of the classes in the Class List below and then pass the tests. Only when you pass the tests will you earn your Apprentice Bondage Certification.

As you earn the Apprentice Certification you will learn all of the science, basic techniques, safety, and the creative skills that go into basic bondage.

If you've ever wanted to know what a hogtie or frogtie is, if you've seen those pretty body harnesses in photos and want to learn how to do them, if you want ideas on how to incorporate bondage

For those of you who are experienced in bondage  but still want to benefit from the in-depth classes as you earn your certification, you have the option to Test-Out of the classes below if you do not wish to sit through them. Specify on your application if you are interested in this option.

*This is the initial certification you can achieve before proceeding to the journeyman certification*

This course will challenge even those experienced players. As you will see the Apprentice Bondage Certification features some of the most thorough bondage lessons you will find, but it does take commitment    
After each class you will be tested to give you a chance to practice these new skills 1on1 with the Instructor.

Apprentice Bondage Certification Class list:

  • Beginners Bondage Basics:  Know the Ropes, Handling, and Methods
  • The Bound Body: Anatomy, Physiology, and Psychology
  • The Building Blocks of Bondage: Cuffs and Modular Ties
  • Harnesses: Choosing and Using the Right Rig for You
  • *Dynamic Bondage: Multi-Position Ties for Efficient Riggers
  • Creative Command: Exploring Scene Suggestions
  • *Finessing the Finish: Beginner Scene Suggestions, Aesthetics, and Student Creation Session
  • *Apprentice Certification Test Review
  • *Apprentice Certification Test*
* Exclusive classes available only to Certification Student Members