Why Become Certified?

Benefits of Belonging

Bondage Certification student members receive some great benefits, aside from a wonderful learning experience. Here are some benefits:
  • Discounted Certification rates for couples.
  • Certification students receive a 50% discount on full classes.
  • Discount on entry fee for 1 bondage bottom at our parties.
  • Class notes & discussions for members only.
  • Discounts & perks on various merchandise and mini-classes. 
  • Extra time at the end of credited full classes for a q&a session
  • 1on1 instruction by top Bondage educator & creator of the Certification
  • 1on1 testing, and a discount for retests if necessary. 
  • Graduation Ceremony and Bondage Party for test acers.

Learn Various Forms of Bondage in One Program

 We are always Students of Bondage, never masters, as bondage is an on-going learning process, forever fluctuating with  each new person you tie up. You can go to many different courses and learn many different techniques, however for some it may be hard to put the pieces together from technique to technique or teacher to teacher. This certification program does not focus on only one method of bondage, instead you learn several different techniques so that you can have a better understanding of which technique to use in respective situations.

Learn Like a Professional from a Professional                                                

This is a hands-on course taught personally by Ms Nikki Nefarious. There are 2 Certifications that a Bondage Student may earn: Apprentice and Journeyman. (A specialized Professional certification is available to production companies, professional Dominants, and models who wish to ensure their rigging is top notch.) This course is set up to teach you all the skills that an apprentice would learn, from safety and psychological issues to bondage positions, and then test for retention and comprehension. Once the apprenticeship is earned you may then advance to journeyman, should you choose to continue with the program, and learn advanced techniques, professional secrets, and suspension methods. Though the lessons are fast paced and cover a lot of ground, if you take the courses and pass the tests then you will know all you need to perform the skills as indicated by your certification level.

Learn with Confidence

     If you are going to invest your time to feed your fetish and build your bondage prowess...why not achieve a certification and ensure that you are getting the best knowledge from one of the top professional bondage artists and educator in the country. The curriculum, practicum and the tests are challenging enough to ensure you learn and retain all you need to safely and proudly enter into the ranks of Certified Bondage Artists.    


Hands-on training comes standard, as does all of Ms Nikki Nefarious's classes and workshops, so you are assured the best education and experience in just one program! And remember: Once you achieve your certifications you will have the knowledge and confidence you need to be the best rigger you can be and all of your bottoms and play partners will know this too!