Journeyman Bondage Certification

In true traditional qualification style, you can not become a journeyman until you have become an apprentice. If you have successfully completed your Apprentice Certification then you are ready to learn everything from advanced techniques to creative scene enhancements to suspensions. Only those who have entered the ranks of apprentice can take this course and build onto the bondage lessons they have acquired.

To complete this course you must take all of the classes in the Class List below. There is no need to reapply once your Apprentice Certification has been earned. Once you've completed the class list and then passed the tests you will you earn your Journeyman Bondage Certification.

Because each bondage experience is different with each play partner, you must constantly learn and relearn. This is why there is no such thing as a bondage "master" as we are all students of bondage and never a master. That said, this certification is methodically designed to take you through the final steps to truly understanding the underlying structure of safe, erotic, & aesthetically pleasing bondage. This kinetically charged course is highly intensive and also happens to be...

The most elite bondage certification in the world.


Journeyman Bondage Certification Class List:

  • Assume the Position: Popular Positions from Traditional to Modern
  • Advanced Harnesses: Weight-bearing & Advanced Techniques
  • Bound, On the Edge: Bondage for Pain and Restriction
  • *Inescapable Bondage: It IS Possible, no matter how much they squirm
  • Held in Suspense: Partial Suspension Safety and Techniques
  • What a Predicament: Predicament Perils for Pleasure and Pain
  • Suspension Bondage: Safe Rigging, More Than Just Harnesses
  • *Journeyman Certification Test Review Class
  • *Journeyman Certification Test
* Exclusive classes available only to Certification Student Members