Professional Certification

The Professional Bondage Certification is for those who use bondage as part of their productions, sessions, or profession. Whether you are a production company, a producer, a professional Dominant, a model or camgirl, or a professional bondage artist; if bondage is a part of your business, then you will want this certification. This certification is designed for those who already have working experience in bondage and would like to hone, expand, and refine these skills while learning new techniques and insider tips.
 *If you do not know what a double column tie is or how to do one, please start at the Apprentice Certification. This certification gives a Basic Overview of the underlying bondage skills needed specifically for professional bondage and does not go as in-depth as the full classes listed in the Journeyman Certification.
The Professional Certification focuses on issues specific to production speed, safety, unexpected issues, and interchangeability. Most professional bondage artists work with different people in different scenarios every single day, so they need to understand a wide range of bondage principles to determine how to rig each new body they are presented with. One of the biggest complaints about bondage is the time it takes to do it, which is critical during a production. Professional Bondage artists should do great work really fast; without causing damage to models or clients such as bruising or nerve damage. Speed rigging and dynamic bondage positions are most valuable to the professional bondage artist and will be covered in-depth in this certification.

If your production company employs independent bondage artists and you aren't able to train them yourself, wouldn't you want to know they have had the best training possible? The Professional Certification is an investment in quality, this specialized certification is designed to teach all the safety aspects of bondage with an emphasis on speed, angles, and positioning for photo and video shoots. Dynamic bondage positions keep the flow of the production moving without having to stop to untie or retie any ropes while still allowing for multiple positions and angles for visual interest.

In order to apply for the Professional Certification you must be a professional Producer, Model, Rigger, or Dominant. Production Companies and Houses can host private workshops for your Riggers, Dominants, or Models in a small group weekend workshop. Please include website links and/or social networking profile links along with your application.

Professional Bondage Certification brief course outline:

  • Safety Overview
  • Anatomy, Physiology and Psychology
  • Dealing with the Unexpected
  • Rigging for Pain vs Prolonged Sessions
  • Advanced Bondage Positions
  • Interchangeable and Dynamic Bondage
  • Rigging for Video and Photo
  • Creative Challenge and Guided Scenarios
  • Predicament Positions and Partial Suspensions
  • Speed Thrills: Speed Bondage Drills and Problem Solving